N3 provides professionalism and certainty to corporate clients looking to expand. We are a leader in preferred development and build-to-suit services on a national platform. We can handle multi-unit rollouts across the US ranging from free-standing buildings to power centers. N3 has an expert in-house deal making and development team with retailer experience and a strong balance sheet; these allow N3 to quickly identify desirable locations and deliver them on time and on budget nationwide. 

N3’s Attributes of Excellence

N3 strives to operate at an excellent level in performing each and every service for our clients. We take a customer-first approach to our business and empower each N3 team member to make decisions and operate in the client’s best interest. Our team members created the N3 Attributes of Excellence as a way of demonstrating our beliefs and expectations of ourselves.

Customer Service Oriented with a Positive Attitude

The service to customers is important before, during and after a project. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service that exceeds industry standards and is recognized by our customers as unique to N3.

Proactive and Clear Communication

Ideas and information are clearly understood and proactively communicated to our customers to get the outcome needed to achieve a task or project. Our customers should always know the status and be made aware of major risks or issues by us immediately and how we are going to mitigate the risk or solve the issue.

Dependable and responsible

Our customers should recognize N3 as a company/individual who shows up on time, keeps their commitments and proves his/her dedication by consistently exceeding expectations and willingly taking on any task diligently and performing it with excellence.

Resourceful, creative and aggressive

Able to take on new tasks or new projects that may be difficult; willing to figure out how to solve a problem quickly or push a project forward by thinking out of the box.

Competent, organized and prepared

Individuals need to show our customers we are experts at what we do and we can perform and deliver to them what we promise. Our customers need to be confident that N3 will make their deal better. When we are organized and prepared, we are more efficient with our time and money which creates the credibility and confidence our customers need and shows our customers we respect their time. This is the key to success. Being organized and prepared is one way of demonstrating this.

Teamwork oriented with flexibility and company pride

It is clear to customers that N3 and each N3 team member is working toward a common goal and has the customer’s interest first in mind. Working together as a team will maximize the strength of the company, but we all have to be flexible to be an effective team player.

Ambitious, hard-working and goal oriented

Our customers recognize that N3 is the best in the industry, shows a strong desire and determination to succeed in meeting goals, daily tasks and projects and is willing to do what it takes to rise above the present position or condition to succeed in that goal or task by improving skills, not procrastinating and keeping focused.

Management culture

Managers at N3 will demonstrate excellent performance in their business role and serve as an example to others in accordance with the N3 Attributes of Excellence. It is important that we consistently show good judgment and maturity, operate in an efficient manner and be able to plan work and mitigate risk. We will create an environment that empowers each team member to succeed, allowing them to be self-motivated to perform their role at an excellent level. We will set goals and manage our department and team to them by holding ourselves and each team member accountable for achieving the goals.