N3 appreciates its broker relationships and considers brokers a valued part of the N3 team. We can act fast, think creatively, leverage our capital and expertise and deliver sites to your clients in tight markets. We can be trusted to protect your relationship and agreement with your client.  When you need a developer you can trust N3 should be your first call.

N3 Helps Brokers Service Their Clients

  • N3 values brokers; we rely on brokers to bring clients to N3 and in return we provide retail and restaurant space for your client quickly and dependably
  • Whether you find the site or we find the site, N3 will protect the commission agreement between you and your client
  • We realize land assignments don’t pay much compared to the effort required to secure affordable sites.  N3 will assist you with your assignment by making maps and packages, scouting sites, preparing tracking reports, budgets and rent quotes, etc. so you can focus on the tenant relationship and hitting their store count quotas
  • Our goal is to make you look good and increase your transaction volume with each client


N3 is a Reliable Development Partner

  • We have a strong balance sheet, deep lending relationships and a track record of thriving in every cycle
  • N3 will analyze deals quickly and thoroughly upfront to set realistic expectations for the time and probable rent levels needed to make an assignment successful
  • We are first and foremost a long-term retail property investor.  Development is a service we offer to satisfy our clients’ needs and increase the size of our portfolio; it is not our entire business
  • This means we can develop free-standers, provide re-imaging funds, convert 2nd generation space, build a strip center or buy an entire shopping center to accommodate your client
  • Business brought to N3 is appreciated and reciprocated whenever possible via landlord representation assignments, investment sales, referrals, introductions to prospects, etc


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