• N3 funds pursuit costs and 100% of the equity
  • N3 secures project debt; no recourse to developer
  • Developer earns development fee at land acquisition and a
    pre-agreed profit share at rent commencement
  • N3 has been a proven source of capital through every cycle
  • By partnering with N3, developers can increase deal volume
    and take on larger assignments
  • Developers can have confidence of closing for their retail clients

N3 has in-house resources to help our development partners service
their retail clients:

  • Site planning
  • Pre-development diligence, approvals and entitlements
  • Cost estimates and construction management
  • Lease negotiation and closing coordination
  • Construction draw administration and GC close-out
  • 10 years experience developing retail real estate in 25 states
  • Over 260 projects completed for national and regional

The brokerage community has been vital to the success of N3. We value and compensate brokers for tenant representation, sourcing development opportunities, leasing our space, and selling our properties.

Restaurant & Retail Space Delivered