N3 provides restaurant operators (corporate and franchisees) with a complete solution for developing new stores. We find the sites, fund the land acquisition and construction costs and handle everything from corporate approval to turn-key delivery. Where creative solutions are needed, N3 has developed endcap drive-thrus, converted buildings and assembled properties to get the right sites for our clients. Leasing versus owning real estate allows an operator to open 2-3x more stores by lowering the operator’s upfront investment.  N3 has a track record of helping restaurants open stores quickly, allowing them to focus on their operations and growth. 


Why Lease Real Estate:

Leasing your real estate from N3 has several benefits: 1) increases operator ROI, 2) speeds new store openings, 3) preserves capital for more stores, new territories and brands or re-imaging, 4) saves significant time and resources by letting N3 be your real estate department.


Fee Development Services:

N3 can provide fee development services for operators fortunate enough to have sufficient capital to invest in both brands and real estate.  In this situation, the operator will pay for the project costs and own the building.  N3 will perform all real estate and construction management functions on behalf of the operator so they can focus on their stores or expanding their territory.


Types of Properties:

To keep rents in check, N3 can develop endcap drive-thru locations with adjacent shop space, convert older buildings, buy larger land parcels for multiple operators and purchase shopping centers for re-development.


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N3 is Your Capital Source


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