New Store Solutions for FRANCHISEES

N3 is Your Real Estate Department
  • N3 finds sites for you in any U.S Market (brokers protected)
  • N3 handles corporate approval, design, permitting, construction and turnover
  • Franchisee gets turn-key building quickly with no risk on cost overruns
  • Build-to-suit or fee development
N3 is Your Capital Source for New Stores
  • Open 2 to 3x more stores when you lease the real estate versus own it
  • N3 pays for the land, building and all real estate-related costs
  • N3 keeps project costs low so rent is affordable
  • Franchisee pays competitive rents under a 20-year lease
N3 is the National Build-to-Suit Leader
  • 260+ projects developed nationwide for franchisees, national restaurants and retailers over 10 years
  • Experts in finding affordable¬†sites anywhere in the U.S
  • Stable, self-funded owner of 93 retail assets


The brokerage community has been vital to the success of N3. We value and compensate brokers for tenant representation, sourcing development opportunities, leasing our space, and selling our properties.

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N3 Delivers Real Estate to Retailers