Real Estate and Investments

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Brenna Wadleigh Brenna Wadleigh CEO and President 817.552.6781 817.996.9496
Jeannie De Fazio Jeannie De Fazio Vice President, Real Estate 817.552.6778 817.675.7765
Jon Redmond Jon Redmond Real Estate Associate 817.522.6788 817.271.3145
Hunter Boeken Hunter Boeken Leasing Associate 817.552.6755 817.675.7761
Robert Confer Robert Confer Financial Analyst 817.552.6757 682.701.4113

Development and Construction

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Jan Davidson Jan Davidson Vice President, Development and Construction 817.552.6763 817.727.5121
Mark Huonder Mark Huonder Development Manager 817.552.6769 651.357.5723
Colleen Farrell Colleen Farrell Development Coordinator 817.552.6752 609.651.9327

Underwriting and Legal

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Debbie Hanley Debbie Hanley Vice President, Underwriting and Legal 817.552.6782 817.454.1644
Claudette Flynn Claudette Flynn Lease Administration Manager 817.552.6770  
Ashley Cox Ashley Cox Legal and Underwriting Coordinator 817.552.6783  

Marketing and Administration

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Treva Singleton Treva Singleton Marketing Manager 817.552.6792 817.709.0899
Courtney Rodriguez Courtney Rodriguez Administrative Assistant 817.552.6795  

Accounting and Reporting

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Scott Otness Scott Otness Vice President, Controller 817.552.6791 817.727.9123
Karen Allen Karen Allen Senior Property Accountant 817.552.6768  
Marina Field Marina Field Senior Corporate Accountant 817.552.6786  
Sherry Black Sherry Black Cash and Accounts Receivable Specialist 817.552.6765  
Laura Higgins Laura Higgins Accounts Payable Specialist 817.552.6794