Solutions for Restaurants

  • Competition for Sites is Fierce and There is a Shortage of Quality Shop Space

    At N3, we understand the reality of tough competition as well as the lack of affordable land and shop space. That’s why we’re committed to move quickly and work directly with you or your broker to build free-standers, perform conversions, acquire larger land parcels, or build shopping centers to provide you with quality sites. We will work together to achieve the results you need in the time you need it.

  • Occupancy Costs are Rising Faster Than Sales

    We’ve seen land and construction costs soar much faster than sales and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. That’s why we’re committed to getting you the best price we can using the economies of scale we’ve developed over the years.  The earlier you bring N3 into your site selection process the more affordable your land will be.  In addition, the certainty of meeting your development commitment on time is greatly increased.

  • Franchisees Face Stiff Penalties for Missing Development Commitments

    N3 understands the penalties and lost opportunity cost of missing your development agreement commitment. That’s why our first step in any project is to provide a quick and accurate assessment of your territory, the availability of real estate and the range of project costs and rent levels. If our team at N3 is given the assignment we’ll do everything possible to deliver stores quickly and within your price range.

  • Growth is Critical but Development is Time-Consuming and Risky

    Real estate development is a full-time endeavor, especially in this highly-competitive and expensive market. It takes significant time and capital to source, entitle, develop and deliver quality stores consistently. With the N3 team leading the way, you can choose the right properties for your business without actually running the real estate project. We do all the heavy lifting for you. You can rest easy knowing exactly where we are at any given point and you can count on us to serve you with the same commitment to customer service, integrity, transparency and efficiency that you give to your customers.

  • Significant Capital is Required to Remodel, Build New Stores and Acquire More Territory

    We respect that some restaurant operators want to own their own real estate and have the capital to do so. In that case, N3 is happy to perform services on a fee basis. However, there are times when capital is better spent opening more locations, buying a new brand or re-imaging stores. With our help, operators can open 2 to 3 times as many restaurants and increase their ROI because N3 will pay for all the land and construction costs.  This leaves the operator’s capital free to spend on brand growth.

Restaurant & Retail Space Delivered