Retail Real Estate for Lease

N3 Real Estate – Retail Lease Highlights

We have signed over 2.2 M SF of retail real estate leases  across the country over our Company’s history. 

Some of our most recent leases are:

About N3’s Retail Real Estate Services

N3 Real Estate’ retail real estate experts have an abundance of experience in the market, which allows us to offer a wide range of retailer services: Retail Brokerage & Advisory, Retail Project Leasing and Marketing, Asset & Property Management, and Retail Developments.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of this ever-changing real estate sector. We can provide the resources and information to make evidence-based, informed decisions with your business, whether you are a restauranteur, a retail brick-and-mortar boutique, or a major retail brand looking to expand your footprint in the market.