N3 Real Estate is a fully integrated retail real estate investment and development firm based in Southlake, TX. Founded in 2004, N3 has acquired and developed more than 260 single and multi-tenant retail projects for national and local retailers across the United States. Today, N3 owns and manages more than $300 million retail projects for its investors with another $250 million available for immediate investment.


N3 has developed over 260 projects for retailers nationwide. We can handle site selection for retailers or franchisees in any U.S. market. We also collaborate well with your brokers and protect their commissions. N3 is currently working on multi-unit rollout assignments for retailers and operators in several states. Any developer can find one site; when you need to grow in a meaningful way, capital and time constraints become real obstacles to your success. N3 has significant capital on hand and expert resources to go into your desired market, identify site opportunities that meet your criteria, negotiate affordable sites, and entitle and build quickly. N3 knows that speed to opening = increased sales for an operator.


One of N3's strength's is getting operators open as quickly as possible. N3 was engaged by an operator to step into a new development project that was stalled by subdivision and permitting issues. N3 quickly resolved the entitlement issues, subdivided the site and acquired the land on behalf of the operator under a long-term lease. N3 began construction immediately and the project was delivered to the operator in 101 days.


The N3 team has a deep expertise in underwriting and developing retail real estate and has a strong balance sheet to make large investments quickly. Another developer approached us to step in on a $12M equity position on the development of a large open air center on a tight deadline. N3 was able to underwrite and fund the investment in under 3 weeks.