Retail Real Estate News Highlights 2022

Retail Real Estate News 2022 - N3 Real Estate

The retail sector is constantly changing and evolving. In order to keep up with the most recent trends, we’ve gathered some of the latest and most impactful highlights of retail real estate news in 2022.

Retail Real Estate Having Its Best Revival in Years

The Wall Street Journal reports on how U.S. retail real estate vacancies are on their way down, rents are going up, and more stores have opened than closed for the first time since 1995. Read More

Return to Gym Workouts Are Helping Business Overall at Shopping Centers

Fears of the pandemic are starting to dwindle, as people are returning to gyms in place of doing at-home workouts once again. This is bringing a much needed boost to retail sales overall. Read More

Kroger Set to Acquire Albertsons Consolidating Two Huge Grocery Brands

Kroger is set to purchase Albertsons for $24.6B, which equals $34.10 per share. Kroger will also take on $4.7B of Albertsons debt in the deal. Read More

5 Retailers That Are Currently Expanding Quickly Are Betting on Dallas-Fort Worth’s Market

According to BisNow, “new retail trends” are being witnessed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area vis-a-vis consumer habits, as “inflation-weary consumers adjust to a post-pandemic world.” Read More

Cash-Out Refinancing Becoming More Popular for Shopping Malls

Patrick Ward, president at MetroGroup Realty Finance, discusses the continued rise in cash-out refinancing across the Unites States. Shopping malls and retail center developers can then improve the curb-side appeal of the properties and hopefully drive foot traffic to the locations. Read More

Puttshack Gets Ready for Massive Expansion in the USA

Puttshack, the new, trendy golf entertainment company, is now backed by BlackRock with $150M in investment funds. This is fueling its anticipated expansion across the country. Read More

Cartier Planning 10 New Stores Across the Country

In an anticipation of higher demand for luxury products, Cartier is planning to open 10 new stores across the United States over the next few years. Read More

The Biggest Mall Owner in the USA Planning New “Sales Holiday” to Combat Inflation

David Simon, CEO of the biggest shopping mall owner in the U.S. (Simon Property Group), is planning a “National Outlet Shopping Day” to create a new annual shopping holiday. Read More

Retailers Brace for “Unpredictable” Holiday Season as Inflation Worries Continue

Inflation is at a record high, and retailers around the nation are bracing for an unpredictable shopping season due to the economic headwinds. Read More

Retail Real Estate News and Highlights - N3 Real Estate

How the Rise and Demise of On-Demand, Quick Grocery Delivery Will Shape Retail

BisNow covers the latest trend of “rapid grocery delivery” and how it impacted traditional retail and the retail real estate market as a whole. The quick rise and fall has left a big hole to fill in many retail spaces around the country. Read More

Private Investors Buying Up Retail Real Estate, While Bigger Investment Firms Remain Cautious

The Wall Street Journal covers the current pricing and transactions of retail real estate around the country, noting that many smaller investors are more eager to purchase properties compared to larger firms. Read More

Retail Sales Growth Leads to Retailers Opening More Stores In Spite of Rising Inflation

In spite of rising inflation, or perhaps due to it, retail sales in the United States were up in June, and following suit with that, retailers are opening more stores than they are closing currently. Read More

Macy’s Is Making Changes and Investing In Smaller Stores vs Bigger Ones

According to The Wall Street Journal, this new format allows for frequently updated inventory that keeps up with the current consumer trends of changing fashion more rapidly. Read More

Retail Leasing Momentum Continues In Positive Direction in Dallas-Ft Worth as New Construction Slows to Record Low

Retail real estate occupancy is way up in DFW, as current construction projects have slowed to nearly a record low compared to previous years. Read More

Retail Real Estate Is Taking On a ‘New Look and Shape’

The retail real estate industry is changing in many ways internally and externally. New formats and forms of entertainment are paving the way for an evolved consumer experience, reports Read More

Amazon Hires New Head of Logistics and Retail Operations

Amazon hired a new head of its logistics and retail business sectors, pegging the same executive who launched Amazon Fresh 15 years ago. Read More 

Los Angeles’ Panorama Mall Will Convert Into Mixed-Use Project

Primestor Development is converting its Panorama Mall in L.A. into a mixed-use project that will create 4.5 million square feet of commercial, residential, and hotel space. Read More

Grocery-Anchored Retail ‘Stronger Than Ever’ According to GlobeSt reports on the latest projections that grocery e-commerce sales will double by 2025, and they haven’t showed signs of slowing due to their pace of acquisitions of “open-air retail properties”. Read More

Westfield Malls’ Euro-Based Owner “Done With the U.S.” According to WSJ

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield is looking at potentially big losses as it is currently in process of offloading its American mall portfolio during the next calendar year. Read More

Surgery Centers Begin to Fill Empty Store Vacancies in Malls

Hospitals and healthcare providers are filling the voids that were left by lost retail tenants in shopping malls around the country. Read More

After Retailers “Learned to Survive” During the Pandemic in 2020 / 2021, They Are Planning More Openings in 2022

BisNow reports on the amount of physical stored opening around the United States, showing that many retailers are now in expansion mode vs the previous years affected by the pandemic. Read More